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At Well-Care Kids First (WCKF) we provide holistic approaches geared towards foster care placement services that best fit the needs of each child. WCKF foster connections and kinship services, as well as provide necessary transitional services through our Noah’s Ark Transitional Program which is designed exclusively for each individual child to transition back into their homes successfully, with their biological parents, through adoption, or for those who are about to enter their adulthoods.


Well-Care Kids First seeks to provide services and needs to children in foster care. However, we know that providing foster care services is only one major step, of many, necessary to meet the child’s overall needs necessary for their well-being and care, physical and mental health, and education and trauma issues. Our staff is highly trained in performing a needs assessment on each child that identifies strengths and resources that will include parents, school, clinics and other agencies and organizations that supports and nurture children and their families.

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Our mission at WCKF is to build and mend relationships between children and their families by providing services and referrals through our partnering agencies in housing assistance, child care, medical and education. WCKF staff is dedicated in identifying suitable foster homes for vulnerable and abandoned children, and/or by providing parenting classes, group and individual counseling, and educational enrichments, and/or adoption services to all parties involved.


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